What we do?

Company GROES is International Traders Of Surplus & Liquidation Inventory.

Excess stock is a problem that many business owners and managers don’t embrace as a priority. Excess inventory and assets negatively affects cash flow, ties up valuable warehousing space and ultimately is detrimental to the company’s financial statement.

We specialize in sourcing & purchasing overstock situations which may include, short/out dated & discontinued stocks, slow moving stocks, products with obsolete barcodes, cancelled orders, ex-promotional goods, old warehouse stocks and generally any problem stocks/inventory that you wish to clear. We have created a vehicle for business people to cost-effectively dispose of excess inventory while maximizing returns.

How can it help your company? 
- allows you to free up precious retail and warehouse space
- cut overhead and operating expenses
- quick decisions made
- bank transfer funds are sent to you quickly
- improve your cash flow, increase your working capital
- cleaning out your stale stock will keep your inventory clean and current

Your customers will be able to focus on current merchandise, rather than last year’s residuals. It will allow you to concentrate on selling profitable items, making your business more productive and efficient.

We deal In all product categories. We handle pallet quantities up to full truck loads. Any products will be considered. If you handle these stock situations yourself and there’s something that you can offer us at the moment, please for contact. We would be pleased to offer our services.